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Your provisional workplace on the water.

Hotel ships are an ideal solution for temporary group accommodation for your visitors or production staff of your event, your staff during a project or your guests during an exhibition or Conference. Whether on a short or long term stay, a small group of employees or a thousand visitors to a big event, allows for temporary staff housing and guest housing. Hotelships as group accommodations form a mobile and flexible solution for your temporary lodging needs. We can also provides extensive services like checking your guests and catering aboard the ships. Below this page you will find a number of examples of some of the projects our ships have been involved in in the past. Click ‘ projects ‘ in the main menu for even more examples of what we can do for existing customers. Under ‘ ships ‘, you will find our range of different hotelships. The fleet consists of different sized ships with different capacity and luxury levels. The capacity ranges from between 10 cabins to more then fifty double cabins. For every event or project we can provide the right ships on location to house your guests and staff.

More information

If you would like more information about the ships we can deploy, the cost or specific guestions you might have about our services,  feel free to always contact us.

If you are interested in temporary group accommodations for smaller groups, feel free to click on ´Consumers´in the top menu. You will be directed to our other website ´´ where you can book hotelships and charterships on location. is home to more then 200 smaller hotelships which can be deployed throughout the Netherlands and Antwerp.

Hotelschepen mps Amsterdam Siemens Urk (1) (Medium)

Windfarming project hotelships

Groepsaccommodatie schip MPS Arlene.

Housing foreign students on the MPS Arlene.


Construction grain transshipment terminal Kampen firm GSI and Graan Sloot


Eurosonic music festival in Groningen